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Reported Kitchen Fire On Mountain View Drive
Mon, Feb 18th, 2019 2:13:00 pm - Engine 15-2, Engine 15-1 and Chief 15 responded to Box Alarm 15-2 to 6233 Mountain View Drive for a reported kitchen fire. While responding Franklin County Communications advised caller reported her stove was on fire and believe her kitchen was on fire. Chief 15 was the first arriving reporting nothing evident from Side A of a middle of the row two story townhouse unit. Engine 15-2 arrived on scene and stretched a handline to the front door. Crews made entry to find a smoke condition in the kitchen with the fire contained to inside the stove. Command 15 held the assignment to Engine 15-2 and Truck 42 placed the remainder of the assignment in service. Ventilation was set up on Side A to remove existing smoke in the townhouse. The stove was removed and taken outside away from the building. Remaining units picked up and returned to service at 1441hrs.   

Command: Chief 15
Units: Engine 15-2 and Engine 15-1
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Photo Provided By Denny Clopper