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Operation Save a Life
Sun, Dec 16th, 2018 6:00:00 pm - Operation Save a Life is a proud partnership between Kidde and ABC 27News of Harrisburg. This public service campaign is designed to educate consumers on the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Whether it’s alarm donations and education, supporting community events, educating the public or supporting firefighters, corporate responsibility is a fundamental value for Kidde! Does Operation Save a Life have an impact on communities? The answer, is absolutely yes! Philadelphia and New York City, with the longest running Operation Save a Life programs –– are reporting historic lows in fire fatalities. And it is our hope that this will spread across the country. Through Operation Save a Life, Kidde has donated more than 1.5 million smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to fire departments. For more than five years these donated alarms feature a 10-year sealed-in batteries that eliminate the need for battery replacement and simplify protection. Together, we will help save even more lives this year and the years to come. Shippensburg Fire Department will have smoke detectors available at all three Borough Fire Stations to ensure a safe holiday season for our residence. We have also received financial support from the Nicole Wilson Fund through the Shippensburg School District and through a recent donation from a Shippensburg Business Cartell, and Minnequa Social Club. With all of this financial support there is no excuse why each home cannot have a smoke detector to protect their families. Shippensburg Fire Department appreciates all of the financial support that we have received to support our fire safety efforts.

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