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New Holmatro Rescue Tools For Squad 15
Mon, Feb 18th, 2019 9:00:00 am - West End Fire & Rescue received our recent order of new Holmatro rescue tools from ESI Equipment INC. These new tools enhance our rescue services with innovative battery operated tools and powerful hydraulic equipment. This transition to Holmatro rescue equipment is history making for WEFR as we have used Amkus Rescue Systems since approximately 1986. This is a major change for our organization and we are excited to have these great new tools to continue to provide rescue services to residents and visitors to the greater Shippensburg area. We truly appreciate all the efforts by our sales reps Jim Artz from ESI Equipment INC and to our project lead Assistant Fire Chief Dick Perry. They both have spent countless hours working diligently on this project. Thank you to all the members of WEFR who made this project a reality with all their hard work especially in the last two days preparing for today's installation.

Units: Squad 15
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