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Motorcycle Accident On Rowe Run Road
Mon, Mar 2nd, 2020 5:19:00 pm - Squad 15, Engine 15-1 and Chief 15 responded to the intersection of Rowe Run Road and Clearfield Road for a motorcycle accident. Franklin County 6-2 (Coroner) arrived on scene with a motorcyclist down along the side of the road and recommeded air medical be placed on standby mode. Chief 15 arrived on scene and established Command 15. Squad 15 and Engine 15-1 arrived on scene and assisted EMS with patient care and packaging. Crews also checked for fluid spills from the motorcycle on the roadway. Air medical request was cancelled by EMS. Patient was loaded into the ambulance for transport to local trauma center for evaluation. Command 15 was terminated, the scene was turned over to PSP-Chamberburg and Company 15 units cleared at 1744hrs. 

Command: Chief 15
Units: Squad 15 and Engine 15-1
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Photo Provided Denny Clopper