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Couch Fire At Roxbury Ridge Apartments
Mon, Jan 14th, 2019 6:34:00 pm - Engine 15-1, Engine 15-2 and Squad 15 responded to Box Alarm 15-6 to 328 Meadow Drive at Roxbury Ridge Apartments for a apartment fire. Franklin County Communications advised caller reported a couch fire in her apartment. Chief 15 arrived on scene with occupants putting out a fire in the front yard and established Command. Engine 15-1 arrived on scene and put remaining fire out and checked for any further fire extension. Some fire damage was located on the carpet and coffee table, no other fire damage. Command held the assignment to Company 15 units, remaining units were placed in service. Company 15 cleared the scene at 1905hrs. 

Command: Chief 15
Units: Engine 15-1, Engine 15-2 and Squad 15
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