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Auto Accident With Entrapment In Newburg
Mon, Mar 4th, 2019 5:53:00 am - Company 51 was first alerted for an auto accident with unknown injuries to 122 East Main Street in the Borough of Newburg. A member from Company 51 arrived on scene and advised there was entrapment with 3 total patients involved. Cumberland County Communication upgraded the assignment adding Squad 15 and additional EMS units to the call.

Squad 15 arrived on scene to assist Company 51 with the entrapped driver in the pick up truck. Squad 15's crew added additional cribbing to stabllize the vehicle. Crews also began to perform a door remove to the passenger side and a "dash push" to displace the dash board off the lower extremities of the patient. The patient was freed from the vehicle and packaged before handed off to EMS. The patient was transported to a local trauma center for further evaluation and treatment. Squad 15 cleared the scene at 0652hrs.

This was the first working incident that our recently purchased Holmatro extrication system got put to use in an emergency situation and worked seamlessly. 

Command: Engine 251
Units: Squad 15
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