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3 Alarm Fire In Chambersburg
Sun, Jul 14th, 2019 4:46:00 pm - Engine 15-1 and Squad 15 responded to Box Alarm 1-02 to 37 West Washington Street at Nanna's Wash House for a working building fire. Company 1 units arrived on scene with smoke and fire showing from a 2 story mixed occupancy and requested the Working Fire Dispatch and the 2nd Alarm. Command assigned Engine 15-1 to assist Truck 42 with roof operations. Squad 15 when they arrived on scene was assigned to the attic to assist with overhaul. Both units were sent to rehab by Command 1. Once the fire was reported under control and overhaul operations were complete Command reduced the assignment releasing Engine 15-1 and Squad 15 at 1958hrs. 

Command: Chief 1
Units: Engine 15-1 and Squad 15
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