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2018 Annual Awards Banquet
Sat, Mar 23rd, 2019 6:00:00 pm - The organization got an evening off to celebrate the previous years accomplishments with our annual awards banquet. Thank you to the Durff-Kuhn VFW Post 616 of Shippensburg for hosting our event and thank you to the banquet committee for putting together a successful event. The following members were WEFR's award recipients for 2018. Life Membership: Travis Glessner Appreciation Awards: Members with 50 plus years of service; Dave Commerer, Ron "Pap" Elliott, Sonny Hershey, Dave Rohr and Robert "Pork" Stevens. Also the Fire Chief Jamie White and his wife Lisa were given a weekend vacation getaway for their dedication to the company. President's Award: Brendon Cullen Jr Firefighter of the Year: Blake Elliott Rookie of the Year: Kaleb Longe Firefighter of the Year: Richie Bucco Fire Chief's Award: Patrick Rockwell Top Ten Responders of 2018 WEFR ran 688 calls 1st: Austin Williams- 375 2nd: Brendon Cullen- 363 3rd: Patrick Rockwell- 310 4th: Austen Jumper- 254 5th: Richie Bucco- 242 6th: Jarrett Rine- 240 7th: Theo Arndt- 217 8th: Clay Jumper- 214 9th: Ron "Pap" Elliott- 209 10th: Jamie White- 208

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Appreciation Award- Southampton Twp.-Franklin County
Appreciation Award- Fire Chief Jamie White & Lisa White
Appreciation Award- 50 Plus Years of Service
President's Award- Brendon Cullen
Jr. Member of the Year- Blake Elliott
Rookie of the Year- Kaleb Longe
Firefighter of the Year- Patrick Rockwell
Firefighter of the Year- Richie Bucco